How to Make Buttermilk with Butter

How to Make Buttermilk with Butter

From fried chicken to brownies and even mashed potatoes, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished with a little buttermilk. 

No kitchen will have buttermilk stocked up. It is used to achieve that tangy low-fat taste that many people desire. Sour milk can be used instead too but buttermilk is slightly less acidic hence is the right call for most baked sweets.

Since commercially bought buttermilk is usually sold in bulk and you run the risk of wasting the excess, I prefer making my buttermilk. It’s handmade, hygienic and the flavor cannot go wrong. 

How to Make Buttermilk with Butter

I know you’re excited, so I will not keep you waiting any longer. Here’s how to make buttermilk with butter.

What is buttermilk?

Buttermilk is the liquid that remains behind after the butter is churned. It is extracted from butter usually by squeezing the butter through a light cloth. The buttermilk drains in the container below.

Commercially made buttermilk, however, has no actual butter involved. Milk is fermented with the help of bacteria. Bacteria involved include Streptococcus lactis or Lactococcus lactis. They give the buttermilk the tanginess that the original buttermilk has. 

Buttermilk is used in all kinds of recipes, whether it be your everyday mashed potatoes or baked cookies. When I discovered the wonders of buttermilk, I was astonished to find out it was used as a base in soups! When I tried it, trust me, it created the most creamy soup I have ever tasted.

I am familiar with the wonders of buttermilk now, but are you? If not, with the help of this recipe, create the easiest buttermilk ever!

Substitutes of buttermilk

While browsing through ingredients, you might realize that you cannot consume buttermilk. The reason could be that you’re either vegan, lactose intolerant or are allergic to some component. But don’t you worry, I’ve got all of you covered as well. After hours of deliberation and research, I finally came across the answers to all my buttermilk questions.

Is buttermilk a substitute for butter?

The answer is yes. Indeed butter has innumerous substitutes and butter falls under that category. It is not surprising since buttermilk is made from butter. ½ cup of buttermilk is used instead of 1 cup of butter.

What do vegans use instead of buttermilk?

Since buttermilk is mainly used to give food a tangy flavour, anything acidic can be used instead. Lemon, vinegar, and vegan sour cream are some of the substitutes.

Can I use almond milk in place of buttermilk?

Yes, you can use almond milk instead. What is noteworthy is that almond milk alone cannot be used. That would not give the acidity that you require. To achieve that, mix a little lemon or vinegar with the almond milk and you’re good to go!

How do you make buttermilk from butter?

Making buttermilk from butter seems like a hefty task. It requires time and effort as well as a lot of precision. Getting the proportions right is the key to any recipe so before starting, make sure to measure everything properly.

To make buttermilk from scratch, we are first going to prepare some butter. Butter and buttermilk, when mechanically mixed – by shaking, whipping and blending, to an extreme level, tend to separate. This is so because the fat tends to separate from the liquid creating butter and buttermilk.

Let’s see how the process goes forth.

Step 1: Get your basics sorted out.

We’ll start with cream. The ideal cream to be used for this is whipping cream. Get a blender out as well. You can use a hand blender as well, however, to avoid any messes, I prefer using a countertop blender with a pitcher. The top lid of the pitcher prevents spillage.

If you feel like your hands need a little workout, you can shake the cream in a jar as well- although that will take eons.

Step 2: Thicken it up.

The next step would be to blend the cream in the blender. First, it will turn into whipped cream. Next, it will start releasing the slightest bit of liquid that will be seen on the top sides of the pitcher. The fat here starts to separate.

Step 3: The buttermilk appears.

After a while of good blending – or shaking, if that’s what you decided to go along with, you will start seeing lots of liquid. That liquid is your buttermilk. The gooey matter left behind is the butter. This process should take 5 minutes max if you’re using a blender.

Step 4: Separate the buttermilk.

Now, separate the buttermilk from the butter. Pour out all the buttermilk you can from the jug. To squeeze out any excess, place the butter on a thin cloth, preferably linen. Then wrap it up and press the bundle hard. The remaining buttermilk will squeeze out from the butter. Pour that with the rest of the butter.

Step 5: Final touches.

Your buttermilk isn’t ready to use yet. To give it the “buttermilk” taste, incorporate a little lemon or vinegar in it before using it with baking soda. This is to produce acidity that will add just the right amount of tang to all your dishes.

And there you have your buttermilk, all prepped up and ready to use!

What to do with the remaining butter?

To convert that gooey mess into actual butter, first, place it in ice-cold water. Kneed it to squeeze out any remaining buttermilk from it. Then change the water and repeat the process. This will take at least five changes before you can get buttermilk-free butter.

Then add flavor to it. I recommended salting it with ⅛ tsp salt unless you want to use it for baking, then you will need unsalted butter. You can even add different spices to make it a spread or dip instead. You can add herbs as well.

Store it in an air-tight container or wrap it up in parchment paper. There you have both your buttermilk and butter ready in less than 30 minutes!


Who knew making your homemade hygienic products were so easy? With this method, you can prepare buttermilk without having to rush to the store to buy loads of it, only to let it go to waste.

This is a fun experiment to do, with your family or kids or even by yourself. It does not require much effort, but time has to be managed well. Over blending might result in a damaged product.

Today you learned how to make buttermilk with butter. For more such methods, keep visiting and let me know if you found this article helpful.

Till next time, happy cooking!

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