How to Make Waffles Out of Pancake Mix

How to Make Waffles Out of Pancake Mix

Perfect for a warm evening by the fire, this scrumptious delight never fails to lighten up your mood and take you on a journey of intense happiness. Made as a savory snack as well as a sweet breakfast, waffles are indeed suited for every palate.

Waffles are a dough-based treat that is fluffy on the inside and buttery and crispy on the outside. The calories in them can be leveled and consumed as part of a healthy diet.

How to Make Waffles Out of Pancake Mix

Getting the waffle batter right is tricky. Since everyone knows how to make pancakes, here’s how to make waffles out of pancake mix instead.

Don’t sweat it, since they’re super easy to make and taste just as delicious!

Are waffles healthy?

Here’s what we all know, pancakes are a healthy breakfast. Now, are pancakes and waffles mixing the same? Yes, the mixture is typically the same as similar ingredients are used to prepare them. So waffles are healthy too.

In the end, it’s all about how you decide to prepare and serve a meal that makes it unhealthy. When served with gallons of chocolate and maple syrup, they are bound to increase your calorie count. However, pairing them with some fresh strawberries instead saves you from consuming empty calories.

So the next time you don’t want to have the same boring oats for breakfast, have waffles instead with this yummy method given below!

Tips for great waffles

Like I mentioned before, nailing waffles is hard. Getting the crust crispy enough and not turning them into a soggy mess isn’t something everyone can manage. The key to perfect waffles is nailing the proportions. 

Here a few tips that will help you get waffles so delicious you’ll have doubts if they’ve descended from heaven!

1: Strike when hot

When cooking, if the utensil isn’t hot as desired, it leaves the food raw or undercooked. Whether it be baking or frying, letting the pan/oven reach the sought temperature helps your dish cook beautifully. 

The same goes for your waffle maker. Let the iron preheat for at least 15-20 minutes before pouring your batter to prevent yellow and limp waffles.

2: When in doubt, choose oil

Another fact that you probably don’t know is that butter has a little amount of water in it. The water prevents the waffles from turning crispy and brown. 

So instead of butter, opt for oil instead. You can choose any vegetable or coconut oil. Using it in fewer amounts won’t increase your calorie count and give you delicious crispy warm waffles.

3: Time is the key

Perfection always requires time. Opening the lid too early to check on your waffles will cause the heat to escape. This will take even longer to make the crust golden. You will also run the risk of eating rubbery waffles considering they might be overcooked from the inside. 

So always put a timer along with your waffle maker and only open when they’re fully cooked.

4: Get the consistency right

Is waffle batter thinner than a pancake? The answer is no. Waffles batter is thicker than pancake batter. Although it does require extra melted butter, that is balanced out with extra sugar. To get good waffles, you need the batter to be consistent instead of being runny. 

5: Eat when hot.

Waffles are best when they are hot. Right when they’re off the maker with butter or cream that will melt inside your mouth. So gather everyone up and dig as soon as it is humanly possible!

How to make waffles from a pancake mix?

When it comes to the kitchen, knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you can incorporate into your dishes, which makes them even better.

Preparing pancakes is a piece of cake but making waffles is a little different than pancakes since waffles require more sugar and fat. With just a few tweaks, you will be able to transform your pancake batter into a waffle batter.

The process here is pretty simple. And I’ve further simplified it for your convenience. Just follow these steps, and you’ll taste the most filling waffles in no time!

  • Get your proportions right

Since you’re not making waffles from scratch but just tweaking the pancake recipe a bit, there’s not much to do. The two things you need to be careful about is the amount of sugar and butter. For the melted butter, double the amount. If you were to add 1tbsp of butter, you will add 2tbsp instead now.

As for the sugar, increase it by 2.5. For example, if you were going to use 3tbsp of sugar, use 7tbsp now. These changes will turn your flat pancake recipe into a moist waffle one.

  • Mix your ingredients

Just like any other batter, first, add all the dry ingredients that your recipe calls for. Mix them well together. Now slowly add the wet ingredients and whisk them in well together. There should be no lumps left behind. Mix till it forms a thick paste. If it’s too runny or too thick, add more flour or butter.

  • Resting is essential

After you have mixed your batter, let it rest for a while. This enables the starch to absorb the moisture in the batter, which gives it the fluffy texture. It also makes all the bubbles escape from the batter. 

  • Pour the goodies in

After being rested for a while, it’s time for the waffles to form. Pour the batter in the preheated maker. Allow it to cook for at least 5 minutes. Check when the steam from the sides of the maker stops coming out. This is when the waffle is done. After opening the lid, first, check if the waffle is done or not, then lift it out.

  • Decorate and dig in

You can pair your waffles with a little whipped cream and fruits as well as with some chocolate- whichever suits your taste. I’ll recommend you to eat them while they’re still warm to have the most mind-blowing experience.


When I started cooking, I always had questions. When exploring waffle alternatives I often had this question “can I use Hungry Jack waffle mix to make pancakes?” and I always had that mix available. Through trial and error, I found that it is indeed possible.

Since now you know how to make waffles out of pancake mix, go ahead and try it out! It will be pretty handy for days when you’re feeling a little down but want to eat something scrumptious.

I prefer my waffles with whipped cream and coffee. Let me know in the comments below if you prefer yours with tea or coffee. And as always, your feedback is valuable, so tell me if this was helpful.

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